Fontos neked, hogy személyes vagy üzleti adataid ne kerüljenek illetéktelen kezekbe?

Fontos neked, hogy felhasználóneveid és jelszavaid biztonságban legyenek?

Megérné neked naponta egy kifli árát az a nyugalom, hogy senki sem kémkedhet a számítógépeden?


A számítógép és az Internet több veszélyt rejt, mint gondolnád!

Ha ellopják felhasználóneveidet és jelszavaidat:

Hogyan védekezhetünk ellene?

Egy szabadalmaztatott, forradalmian új billentyüzet-titkosító technológiával!




Let me introduce you a brand new business and protecting software, the one that protects your keyboard and all of the data typed securly through your keyboard. So no one can read your keyboard access codes while the software is turned on, and installed on your computer, mobile, etc.


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 Video shows what online activity thieves are able to see once you have installed GuardedID®...

Safest Online Security and Protection possible today!

GuardedID® makes every keystroke invisible to thieves. 

Go anywhere online without fear of having your private business, customer & personal information stolen.

Anti-virus, anti-spyware and username/password encryption software aren’t enough... With more than 12,000 Keyloggers in distribution, it’s only a matter of time before identity thieves target you and your company. Simply said, ANY activity your employees do on the Internet puts you at risk!


The Problem:

Keylogging programs are a very specific type of surveillance software (spyware) designed with one goal in mind: capture and copy every keystroke you make and send a copy of them to the identity thief. Therefore, URL’s, usernames, passwords, PIN#’s, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and personal information are all at risk.

Online activities at risk include:

Identity thieves and hackers have exploited the fact that Anti-Sypware and Anti-Virus tools, although important to have installed, are reactive and do not provide total protection because they are based on scanning your computer for already know “bad or malicious files.” By simply connecting to the internet, you are exposed to ten’s of thousands of malicious undetectable keylogging programs whose sole intent is to steal business and personal information.



The Solution:

GuardedID® new breakthrough technology, takes a proactive approach to malicious keylogging programs by encrypting every keystroke at the keyboard level and rerouting those encrypted keystrokes and dropping them safely, directly to their destination.

GuardedID® bypasses the multiple communication areas which are vulnerable to keylogging attacks that could compromise your vital information.

GuardedID® protects against new and existing keyloggers on your computer!

GuardedID® was designed as a toolbar for your browser, always present when your browser is launched. With GuardedID®, you can now email, browse, shop, and bank online with confidence knowing that each and every keystroke is encrypted and not being transmitted to an awaiting identity thief.

Watch how GuardedID protects you!



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